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3503 Sussex Dr Hopewell VA 23860

Phone: 804-668-2817

3503 Sussex Dr Hopewell VA 23860

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We believe that all students are unique and so their learning experiences should be unique. Every student will achieve personal growth and their success will be measured by how far they have come and not against their peers.


Dream Tech Academy’s mission is to (1) provide a personalized learning experience for all students, (2) use technology to close learning gaps and improve student performance, (3) minimize testing to lower test anxiety, (4) create a culture of critical thinkers and analyzers, and (5) create an inclusive community for parents, students, teachers and staff.

Dream Tech Academy- Forbes Article

New Research Reveals The Breadth And Impact Of The Microschooling Movement by Kerry McDonald
Nestled at the end of a residential cul-de-sac in Hopewell, Virginia is Dream Tech Academy, a microschool founded by former public school teacher, Danette Buckley. Originally from Jamaica, Buckley moved to the U.S. as an adolescent and gravitated toward a career in education, with a passion for entrepreneurship.
“This has been a dream for so long,” Buckley told me when I visited her microschool, located in an inviting single family home just outside of Richmond that she purchased exclusively for her school. Dream Tech Academy launched in 2019 with four children, including three of her own, as a homeschooling and tutoring program. It is now a recognized K-12 private school with about 30 children and four hired educators.
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Our History

Since its founding in 2019, Dream Tech Academy in has been changing the way we see education for so many students.

2019Danette Buckley, a former public - school teacher, left the profession to open up Dream Tech Academy with just her children and a friend of the family. She began as a learning coach and quickly added tutoring to her offerings for students in K-12th grade.

2020Dream Tech Academy began offering its students a hybrid option that would allow them to work from home, all while still learning with their in-person peers. The Academy grew so much, Danette had to change location in search for a bigger space.

2022Dream Tech Academy held its first graduation ceremony, in which its first high school student graduated and started Community College. Knowing the challenges of not being an accredited high school, Dream Tech Academy, ensured that its students participated in the ACT test, took concurrent classes with local community colleges, and were able to set up its students for success. The first high school graduate is now enrolled at a 4-year college in New York State.

2023This year, Dream Tech Academy celebrates its 5th year serving students in K-12th grade. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of every child that walks through our doors, and helping parents to experience the difference in smaller, personalize setting can make in their child's life.  


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Dream Tech Academy at a Glance 

The doors of our school are open for everyone who wants not only to get a personalized education but also to find new ways of learning and growing in a nurturing community.

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