Phone: 804-668-2817

2460 County Dr Petersburg, VA 23803

Phone: 804-668-2817

2460 County Dr Petersburg, VA 23803

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This is Dream Tech Academy!

A private microschool located in Petersburg/Prince George Virginia, serving students in Preschool through 12th grade.
We've been making a difference in the lives of children since 2019.

About Our School

Dream Tech Academy is a private microschool located in Petersburg/Prince George Virginia. It was founded in 2019.

The history of Dream Tech Academy begins with the founding of the school by Danette Buckley, a former public-school teacher. We are a small school providing leveled instruction to students in kindergarten through 12th grade.   
At Dream Tech Academy, we do more than just provide an education. We provide students with a safe, nurturing and family-oriented experience. Students benefit from:

 A program designed to meet students where they are Teachers who care about your child's progress Teachers who work tirelessly to meet your child's academic needs. A school where learning is personal. 

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Experienced teachers

Our teachers have been with Dream Tech Academy since its early days. They are invested in seeing students learn and grow.  


Proven Success

On average, our students improve by 1.6 grade levels each year.100% of our high school graduates go on to 2year or 4year college. 100% of Juniors are enrolled in a 2year college earning college credits while completing their high school diplomas.


A Personalized Experience

We combine different teaching methods including online, in person and hybrid to help our students achieve their goals.

Why Choose Us

Still have some hesitations about enrolling in a small private school?


Academic Focused

Our mission is to help your child learn. Our customized curriculum and leveled classes makes us a perfect fit for families looking for a change in how and what their child is learning.


Personal Attention

With an average 6 to 1 student teacher ratio, our teachers can really focus on your child's needs.


Hands on Learning

With weekly science experiments, hands on manipulatives and real- world examples, your student will have the answer to "Why do I have to learn this?"


Caring Teachers

Our teachers are passionate about their craft. They are constantly learning and finding ways to better serve our students. We have teachers who are in it for the long haul- invested in your child's future.

What Our Parents Say

  • Highly recommend. My daughter is excited to go to school and learn. She was already reading sight words in less than a week of attending. Previous to this she did not attend any formalized daycare. Super excited for what she’s going to learn next."


  • Dream Tech Academy prepares children, including middle school students, for success in college at a young age. Dream Tech Academy focuses on helping students develop skills essential for thriving academically.

    Google Review

  • The teacher is very experienced and passionate about the children! My child has excelled in his academics since attending Dream Tech! I would recommend it to friends and family alike!

    Google Review

  • My son (4 at the time) went to Mrs. Buckley right before the pandemic started and he only went for about 2 weeks but I saw his development already showing. He already knew his shapes, colors, numbers, etc. but she taught him beyond that. Once she had to go virtual, she worked with my son for 1 hour Mon-Thurs and he still showed improvement. When it came time to put him in kindergarten, we chose to put him in public school because we weren't going to be able to afford her online curriculum and then someone to watch him as well as I am an active duty service member and my husband worked (he works from home now but he still wouldn't be able to watch him and help him). Our plan backfired when my son was kicked out of the place we were sending him to on day 1 (🙄😒) so I texted Mrs. Buckley asking if she had a spot for him and luckily she did. We enrolled him for kindergarten and he tested ahead. He's currently enrolled for 1st grade and he's still testing ahead. His reading has improved remarkably. He has so many friends and loves going to school. Their curriculum is personalized and extremely effective. Dream Tech is one of the main reasons I requested to stay at Fort Lee because I'll never find another school like this. I constantly rave about Dream Tech because of the change I've seen in my son.

    Google Review 2022



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